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Recruitment in Parsons International in Dubai, UAE: Apply for Logistics and Interfaces Manager – Infrastructure

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Through Parsons international engineering and construction management services, we deliver innovative, safe and sustainable infrastructure in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. Our focus is on delivering air, rail, road and highway transportation; water conveyance and/or wastewater treatment; and land development and public infrastructure to our clients and your communities. Parsons creates interconnected communities and world class infrastructure.


Parsons international is the Project Consultant for the construction supervision of a large infrastructure project in UAE. Scope of work includes roads, highway intersections, bridges and other structures, electrical (HV and LV) networks, potable water network, sewerage network, storm water drainage network and other infrastructure.

Position Overview

The Logistics and Interfaces Manager provides overall direction for planning, developing strategy, and developing/updating the logistics plan that provides guidance and procedures to be followed during the construction activities for on-going construction activities and as the various contractors are brought on board. In addition, the position will be responsible for maintaining and updating the site utilization and site logistic plans to include temporary access, temporary utilities, and location of contractors’ camps as the new construction projects start. The position will also support the Design Management team in providing direction and management of interface requirements of the project. In this role, the manager will manage and monitor schedule and budget performance. Reviews, coordinates and monitors the works of designer to provide guidance regarding the vision of the client and project requirements and specifications, and monitors risks and/or problems that may arise and develops options to resolve.

Job Responsibilities

• Reports to the Construction Director and supports other key team members regarding all aspects of logistics management.

• Develops, reviews, and updates logistic plans and monitors for compliance.

• Prepares and coordinates with Developers for an overall logistics plan which will address: access and egress to and from the site, traffic management and security, delivery of materials, temporary utility services, project signage, site offices, temporary roads, medical facilities, civil defense, and ambulance services and firefighting.

• Participates in negotiations with regulatory agencies and in public meetings in support of client’s interests in relation to logistic planning and execution.

• Assures compliance with Project Execution Plan, Health and Safety Plan, Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan, and other documents while developing and implementing the logistics planning documents.

• Establishes the program logistic requirements for all areas of the project, and monitors the final deliverables for adherence to these criteria.

• Routinely interfaces with the client and client counterparts in matters related to logistics and logistics planning.

• Promotes technical and commercial excellence on the project through application of Quality Assurance processes.

• Establishes and chairs periodic meetings with stakeholders to review logistic planning, and statuses and formulates action items.

• Provides necessary technical support and design review / audit services to project management team ensuring the correctness and quality of implementation of requirements.

• Provide direction to team members in the overall engineering and coordination assessment of proposed interfaces as well as assessment of budget and interface impacts of the proposed design change.

• Identify opportunities for eliminating future abortive work by identify the interfaces prior to construction.

• Identify opportunities for eliminating future schedule delays to construction work by identifying work priorities in relation to interfaces.

• Keeps Project Management Team informed as to changes made to ensure timely processing of contract change orders.

• Use strong presentation skills to influence internal and external teams directly involved with his team.

• Create a measurable and flexible framework for project management, scheduling, and resource allocation.

• Manage the responses to design RFIs, review/comment on Change Orders, and provide overall supervision for the design reports, and establish or revise guidelines as appropriate.

• Ensures all change works are comprehensive and discussed with the various engineers for the best implementation and installation of services in coordination with other parties and contractor.


• 4-year degree in Degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent degree.

• Registration as a professional engineer is preferred.

• 15 years of related work experience preferably in large-scale development, infrastructure or industrial projects with extensive experience in logistic planning and interfaces management.

• General knowledge of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and civil design.

• Proven ability to perform in a management role, excellent written and oral communications skills, and a thorough knowledge of industry practices and regulations are also required. In addition, must be knowledgeable of current technology and how it can be effectively utilized on the project.


Parsons international is a leader in many diverse markets such as infrastructure, transportation, water, telecommunications, aviation, commercial, environmental, planning, industrial manufacturing, education, healthcare, life sciences and homeland security.

Parsons international provides technical and management solutions to federal, regional and local government agencies as well as private industries worldwide.