Home Software JOBS IN DUBAI (UAE)-Technical Product Manager $8250/month

JOBS IN DUBAI (UAE)-Technical Product Manager $8250/month

technical product manager dubai uae 8250 month

JOBS IN DUBAI (UAE)-Technical Product Manager $8250/month

Job Position: Technical Product Manager

Payment: $8250/month

Job Description: This would be an internet-based application in order to hire a Technical Product manager on March 24th. The applicants would be examined thoroughly and qualified candidates would seat for an interview. This job is a 100% remote job and as well a full-time role.

Skill Acquisition expected from Applicants: Well, bearing in mind what a technical product manager should be good at, the idea of disintegrating a product management leadership into small bits so as to enable engineers to work on the products easily. So the company expects a technical product manager to be able to make direct specifications and assemble products in order to be ready in 2 weeks’ time.

As the technical product manager, you should be able to make clear technical decisions and reduce any ambiguous or difficult decisions that will help ease work for the development group while working on the product. So as the chief owner for the milestone of the product, it is your job to review what the engineering team must have done in order to make a final decision considering if the product with the correct specifications or if the product would demand an extra work on.

Technical product manager Dubai UAE 8250 month / Applicants Requirements:

  • Have experience building products that make extensive use of third-party libraries
  • Experience with the TDD approach of development. Unit testing, mocking, and integration test
  • Have experience reviewing engineering work deliverables created by other developers
  • Configure and use CI systems, code quality automation, Git, etc.
  • Implement DB schemas, REST web services, message/notifications, and algorithms using Java
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering
  • At least 5 years of current hands-on development experience in Java and able to:
  • Clearly document/diagram the architecture of a 1-2 week project

Follow this LINK to apply  NOTE: We advise that all applicants should attend the tournament because it will be hastened up than applying online.

Make sure that you get to register. Qualified applicants would be sent a webinar address and a test link to follow up.